Picklish, Let Your Photos and Videos Play

Picklish has been updated, and is now Slideroll Gallery AV. This version adds new features like Slideroll hosting, Gallery save and load, and voice recording for PC.

Download it now from Slideroll.com »

System Requirements


Keep in mind, that this is at an early stage, and it's free (as in beer). If you have problems, contact me. Thanks!


  1. Q: There's no audio with my video!
    A: You need to have Windows Media Player (PC) or iTunes (Mac) installed. Picklish uses Windows Media Encoder (PC) oand iTunes (Mac) to compress audio streams in video.
  2. Q: My sound on the Mac version is messed up!
    A: The Mac version uses iTunes to encode your audio. You need to change your audio settings for the MP3 encoder. The best settings are the regular Good Quality, but if you want moer compression you can set it to a custom 64k at 11khz.


Picklish can save galleries to your computer, or upload to your web site via FTP. If you have web skills, you can also tweak and edit the HTML and XML files that are exported from Picklish.

The galleries that are exported are designed to work at almost any size, so you can embed the slideshow in a blog page or within an HTML table on a more complex page. You may need to modify the OBJECT/EMBED codes, though.